Day 2: Climbing Route 80

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today we started at 2,000 feet elevation, climbed to over 4,000 feet, dropped down and climbed back up again.  This is a bit different than cycling through the cornfields of the Midwest.
The scenery has been incredible; most of the day followed California Historic Route 80. We did get a few legal miles on a freeway, Interstate 8, to change things up a bit.
This was also our first interaction with the US Border Patrol. They are all over the place in this area and we are not yet in sight of the border; that comes tomorrow. We did go through a random checkpoint that surprisingly was very similar to what we experience in Mexico, except without the machine guns. I asked the guards if I could take a picture to show you and the answer: “We would prefer you didn’t.”
We are now resting and relaxing as tomorrow’s ride needs to get us to Brawley, in order to position us for the following day, a ride of 80 plus miles with no dependable  services for water or food.
Until tomorrow– wish us more tailwinds…


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