Day 3 – Live Oak Springs, CA to Brawley, CA: 72 miles

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

We are finally out of the mountains and into the desert–  a desert for the next 400 miles according to a local guy at a taco stand.
Today had a bit of everything: a cold morning with fog gradually turning into an 87 degree sweltering afternoon, a 10 mile 6% grade 4,000 foot descent with crosswinds so fierce it was difficult to control the bikes, the border fence between the USA and Mexico(we were so close our phones went to Mexican Telcel and put us on international roaming), border patrol guards scouring the washes by foot for illegal aliens, a wonderful 25 mph tailwind until we turned directions and it became an unpleasant quartering headwind, mountain landscapes with conifers evolving into dry, desert landscapes and our first encounter with a fellow touring bicyclist(Cole, traveling westward from Baton Rouge, LA, using, a bicycle touring website dedicated to providing accommodations for folks like us–there is even an iPhone app–we may try it).
We are in Brawley,CA, close to the Arizona border, at a nice motel. Tomorrow looks like 67 miles through the Sonoran Desert followed by free camping and a $2.00 shower; there are no other accommodations and I do not think we can make it safely another 20 miles to Blythe, especially with the forecast headwinds from the north.
That’s all for now. We remain healthy and look forward to tomorrow’s challenge.


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