Day 5(April 23):Palo Verde,CA to Quartzsite, AZ–45 miles

April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

We crossed the Colorado River and are in Quartzsite, AZ, described recently in the Los Angeles Times as “perhaps the most eccentric place in the country, a weird Western outpost where Tea Party retirees mingle with cigarette-rolling rockhounds and white-haired hippies.” To confirm that vision we are in the middle of the desert staying at the Quartzsite Yacht Club Motel in the Queen Mary Slip….basically a 1970s style(original decor!) double wide reinvented trailer, painted blue on the bottom and with pilings at the doorway  to complete the nautical effect.
So are you wondering how our overnight in the one man tent(40 inches wide) went? One of the residents decided to walk and yell at his dog at 12.30 am and almost tripped over the tent; then the wind came up and due to the heat we had not put the rainfly(topcover) on the tent…so it was cold. We packed and were ready to go at 6 am until I(Susan) discovered I had a flat tire on my rear wheel–so everything comes off the bike; we both get greasy and more than an hour later finally start our riding day. We have lost critical cool riding hours.
It is a short day so it isn’t  too big of  a problem, but we have a 1,000 foot elevation gain in front of us.
The ride is uneventful-25 miles of flats and then 10 plus miles uphill, but on a nicely graded Interstate 10 with a huge,10 foot shoulder just for us. The Routing Map wanted us to exit the freeway for the last 7 miles, but as there were no signs saying we must exit, we stayed on for a pleasant downhill ride, rather than the hilly advised route.
My tire tube did have a minute leak which a tire shop across the street repaired for free. 200 miles; first flat.
The picture below shows Joe at the end of the day rehydrating and planning tomorrow’s route. It is mainly uphill and places to stay are limited, so I expect it to be a short run.
Happy Easter to all of you. Thanks for following us and for your words of support.


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