Day 6(April 24): Quartzsite,AZ to Salome,AZ 41 miles

April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

We are in Salome, a small quiet town of 1,400 souls on Historic Route 60.    We were truly self contained today as all services along the way were closed either for the season or for Easter. Virtually all of the RV parks are ghost towns.  The cafe here in town is also closed for Easter, so we will forage in the gas station mart for our Easter dinner. Lunch was a chili and cornbread buffet set up at Don’s Cactus Bar courtesy of the locals.
We are at the Westward Motel–a restored 1942 four room motel in the heart of the Arizona Outback–a pleasant surprise, with a central courtyard and kitchen for our use. It is shady outside and cool inside the adobe walls; it is hard to believe it’s 90 outside.
The landscape continues to be beautiful. We are seeing our first majestic saguaro cactus, the largest cactus in the USA.  They grow very slowly- at 10 years old they are only 2 inches tall and can live for  150-200 years The ocotillo and other desert flora are in full bloom; there is color everywhere.
Tomorrow is an almost constant low grade climb for most of the 50 plus miles. Again, our daily mileage is  determined by both places to stay(motel or campground–many of which are closed for the season) and availability of drinking water.
We are enjoying the surroundings, the small towns and the folks we meet. They all have interesting stories to tell.
Joe had his first Snickers bar of the trip; he was able to get it from the store to the motel before it melted!
Until tomorrow…


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