Day 8(April 26):Wickenburg, AZ to Phoenix, AZ–65 miles

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every day on the road is a new adventure. Today started with a flat tire on the rear wheel of Joe’s bike, discovered just as we were leaving the room at 6am.  The culprits: two half inch pieces of wire, still embedded into the tire.  A quick fix and 45 minutes later we were out the door and rolling along our route.
The wind gods were with us and the 15mph tailwinds allowed us to literally fly into Phoenix.
The calm of Route 60 soon gave way to the noisy traffic and numerous stoplights of the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. The route directed us to the Arizona Canal Bike Path, a pleasant respite from the din of the city. On one side was the fresh water canal; on the other a huge culvert– a highlight of the trip for Joe in his civil engineering mode.
Our goal, besides mileage, was to find a bike shop to get my brakes checked prior to the huge ups and downs in front of us and now also to get a new tire tube for Joe(when available this is better than a patched tube and there will not be bike shops for awhile–we each keep two spare tubes and I have an extra fold up tire; this last item was not available for Joe’s bike).
We write this as we wait for our laundry to finish; then we are off to mail those heavy, useless and  expendable items before the huge climbs in front of us.  So I got rid of the stove since it is so hot the water boils on its own this trip.
Today was the first day we noticed a definite difference in the performance of the two bikes. Joe is the stronger rider and is always ahead.  Today with the tailwind I flew and led the way as my bike’s gears allow faster speeds. I use a Novara Randonee, a specific touring bike from REI, to try and prevent the entrapment neuropathy in my wrist that I got when riding a bike similar to Joe’s.  Joe uses a Giant hybrid bike that he has had for the last 6 years; it is solid and he likes the geometry of it(no knee, neck or back pain from it), though after today he may wish for different gear ratios.
Time shift an hour later:we walked a mile to the post office in 90 degree heat,  the box is mailed(5 lb 12 oz); we stopped for a Blizzard at the local Dairy Queen as an entree to our Thai dinner. Ah, it just arrived. Time to send this off. Bye for now guys.
Send any questions you may have Joe’s way via email : jojoeharrison We will try to answer them.
Happy trails to all of you.


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