Day 10(April 28):Gold Canyon, AZ to Globe, AZ–51 miles

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Total Mileage:510
We had yet another cloudless, bluebird day in sunny Arizona.
The good news: no flat tires and it was a relatively short 50 mile day.
The other news: there were 2 mountain passes in that distance; Gonzales Pass at 2,651 feet came first.  We then dropped some elevation, but climbed again to Signal Pass, 4,829 feet. We started the day at 1,400 feet.
This is a preview of the terrain in the “Top of the World Mountains” next week; however,  tomorrow is a supposedly flat 80 miles.
Joe did great on the climbing; the nonexistent shoulders and the semis whizzing by at 65 mph inches from me were a scary combination. I felt more stable pushing the bike on the steep parts, rather than panicking about the traffic conditions.
Today a fellow bike tourist, John, made our acquaintance: he started in Florida on March 10; he had encountered terrible headwinds and congratulated us on our choice of direction(we did our research on the prevailing winds). Another interesting bit of information was about the brushfires in Texas.  On part of the route the fires have been on both sides of the road. Their solution was to rent a truck and transport the bikes through that segment, rather than risk being in a life threatening situation. So Joe and I have some homework for the next week or so, before we reach that segment.
Some other info gleaned today: John had experienced 2 flats, both slow leaks due to goat cactus thorns. His solution: check the tires nightly. We just checked ours and sure enough found a minute thorn deeply buried in one tire.
We are not thrilled about the prospect of two difficult days in a row, however there are neither motels nor camping facilities for 80 miles. In a pinch we can probably set up camp behind a gas station, but that is a last resort.
We are filling up with Endurox, an electrolyte replacement solution, in anticipation of tomorrow.
That’s about it. Bye for now.


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