Day 12(April 30): Safford, AZ to Lordsburg, NM–75 miles

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Greetings Fellow Adventurers, Armchair and Otherwise, We made to our third state: New Mexico!
Our bicycles are put to sleep for the night; we are attempting to transform our bicycling vagabond selves into presentable human beings through the use of soap, warm water and some intense scrubbing.  We feel 1,000% better after the end of day clean-up; maybe we are even ready to do a few more miles!
Today we opted for the lower elevation gain route which will connect us to Interstate 10; despite that we still climbed for a solid 25 miles from the start. Additionally for the day we still had a 1,500 foot elevation gain.  A nice tailwind helped us into our destination of Lordsburg, partially counteracting the total lack of shade along the route. This area gets one half inch of rain a year, so it is dry and somewhat desolate, though still panoramic.
In Duncan, the halfway point of our day, we were warned of the winds that build up midday, obscuring visibility sometimes to the point that the Interstate is closed. They suggested we pitch our tent behind the store rather than getting caught in the winds; we chose to ride on.
So now winds and brushfires– we haven’t even made it into the real storm country of the South!
Happy Trails to All of You

I will close with some trivia for you:
Several of you have expressed concern about our sun exposure. Please rest assured that we slather on waterproof SPF 50 religiously every morning. It has so much zinc oxide in it that we take on a gray, ghostly pallor.  Additionally, we try to be out of the sun by noontime.  I seek out shade for even the shortest rest stops; Joe continues to prefer the warmth of the sun.
After seeing the weather in the South and in the Midwest, we are truly enjoying the cloudless skies and unremarkable weather.
What do we carry with us for over two months?
We each have 1 biking short, one biking shirt, two pairs of socks, biking shoes, sandals, shorts(or skirt for me), good t-shirt, underwear, long sleeved shirt, long lower body layer, swimsuit and a raincoat. We will probably burn it all at the end of the trip.


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