Day 13(May 1):Lordsburg,NM to Deming, NM–63 miles

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Before we give you a synopsis of today’s events, a bit more about yesterday.
After a bumpy ride for the last 30 miles(visualize those weight reduction machines from the 60’s that supposedly jiggled your fat away with a vibrating belt around your posterior– it felt like that),Joe even says his bottom is the only thing that hurts.   We checked into a weatherbeaten stucco structure on Motel Street in Lordsburg.  The clerk says sure the restaurant next door is open until about 7pm.Sounds good. Now, downtown looked boarded up, however we see a lot of that. No worries. We go next door for dinner and the place is closed; in fact we can’t tell you when it was last open. We walk a mile in gusting 35 mph wind until we find anything other than two other dusty motels that have not shut down. Every other restaurant, bar, gas station or motel has been closed for years since the interstate bypassed the town.  It feels like a bad Hollywood western.  Dinner is Arby’s at the local truck stop.Joe asks about wine at the truck stop and he’s told the town is basically dry.  We bring our Ben &Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream back the windy mile home and settle in for the night.

Today we woke up at 5:30  to a chilly 40 degree morning. Breakfast was in the room: a muffin and milk for Joe; a banana, oatmeal and orange juice for me. We made a quick stop for water before entering I-10 for the ride. The tailwind fairies arrived early and we cruised along at 18 mph.  Even better, once we crossed the Continental Divide it was slightly downhill.
It seems that we made a good decision to modify the route; had we stayed on the Adventure Cycling route, we would have been camping in 30 degree weather and carrying enough water and food for 2 days to make it through the passes.
Our alternate route, though less scenic, conveniently has towns at 60 mile intervals.  We pick up the regular route tomorrow and start the next challenge:discerning the safety of our route due to the fires in Texas.  I called a lodge in Fort Davis and was told Rte 118(also the Adventure Cycling route)was open only for fire vehicles, but that the status changes daily.  Needless to say, we are looking at alternate routes.
Deming seems to be a very nice, alive town. Joe asked for a quiet room when we checked into the Deming Motel; the desk clerk, Ruth, guaranteed it- guests have one chance to be quiet. If the noise persists for 5 minutes, they are asked to leave.  We believe her. This appears to be a no nonsense part of the USA. P.S. There are restaurants everywhere here and people filling them up!
We are thankful for our health and the wonderful ride so far.
Best wishes to all of you on this sunny Sunday in  May.


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