Day 14(May 2):Deming, NM to Las Cruces, NM–60 miles

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Another day, another adventure…
Our day: unseasonably cold weather for this area–even winter storm warnings. Thus we were not surprised to awake to a wind chill factor of 33 degrees, due to an actual temperature of 40 combined with a 12 mph east wind. You can probably guess our direction: directly east.
Thus we start what may be a grueling 60 mile ride to Las Cruces.
We are 13 miles into it; I am trailing as usual, when I see flashing lights ahead of me. It appears that Joe is having a friendly roadside conversation with a new acquaintance.  Therefore I am somewhat surprised to see that Joe has been stopped by the New Mexico State Police; he is being asked to show his ID.  It appears that two people called in about a bicyclist riding inside the white line and the officer was obligated to intervene. Joe asks if he can ride several inches to the outside of the white line. The officer replies, “You are an adult….”   I do not know what was more frustrating for Joe, the officer’s comments to him or what the officer said about me, “Now she is doing a great job by riding on the outside of the shoulder”.  Needless to say, Joe rode the bumpy shoulder for the rest of the ride.
I have a tendency to follow the rules, especially around semis(one almost blew me off the road later in the day); Joe, as you all know, abhors rules in general.
We continued on; there are few to no services along the way, thus no reason to dally.
Forty miles into the ride, Joe has a headache(I give him Advil), then an upset stomach(I try Peptobismol), then leg cramps and he is out of water(I give him a liter of water and electrolyte tabs).  A few miles later, we are almost to our goal and Joe stops again– he just does not feel well. I ask what he has eaten. Nothing. I give him an energy bar and some Diet Coke. We have 6 more miles until the end of our day and replenishing liquids and carbs.
We are incredibly fortunate as miraculously the lush, green Mesilla  Valley, girded by the Oregon Mountains(reminiscent of the Grand Tetons), opens up in front of us and we glide downhill into Las Cruces, passing verdant pecan orchards and crossing the Rio Grande. The fluffy, white clouds that New Mexico is known for watch over us and we arrive safely.  I enjoy every second as we descend into this beautiful valley.
Another riding day is over; we are that  much closer to our goal.
Tonight we had a treat after this difficult day: dinner with Tom and Barb Young, friends of Joe’s, who winter in Mexico at Vida del Mar, and who live in nearby Ruidoso. The enthusiastic staff at the restaurant even figured out our average daily mileage:64 miles–we are on track!
Bye y’all—that’s how they talk around here.  We will be in Texas at the break of dawn tomorrow!
The photo is of the State Flower of New Mexico, the Yucca.


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