Day 15(May3):Las Cruces, NM to El Paso, TX–48 miles

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi Guys!
We finally had an uneventful day.
We left to yet another sunny morning, though even leaving at the relatively late hour of seven, it was chilly and Joe used socks(clean ones!) for gloves. We did not anticipate cold weather; our worries were for the extremely high temperatures. Go figure.  I am not looking forward to the rain and humidity of the Southeast.  Additionally it seems there have been earthquakes around the El Paso area and the media is advising disaster preparedness. So we can add that to our list of possible natural disasters:brushfires, windstorms, tornadoes and now earthquakes!
We passed through miles and miles of shady, green pecan orchards. It was heaven after the relative starkness of the desert. However, we have yet to see pecan pie on the menus.
A short time later we crossed the Rio Grande–yes, dear readers, it does feel as if we are going in circles as we just crossed it yesterday, but rest assured we are moving eastward.
Texas was next–though we must have found a really small road as there was no huge sign announcing it.  That will be our last border for awhile(unless we make a wrong turn and end up in Mexico–you never know; anything is possible) as Texas takes up 1,000 miles of our journey.
We had 15 mph headwinds most of the way, a bit tiring after awhile. Hopefully the winds will change in a few days.
El Paso seems quite nice, though we are surprised at the number of people we ask questions of and who respond: No speak English.
One additional item: The American Institute for Cancer Research is sending out a press release about our little journey; look for it!
Y’all come back now!
(a  reference to the “Beverly Hillbillies” for those of you who are old enough to remember.  I have been looking for oil pumps and have not seen one yet, but I have 1,000 more miles to look).


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