Day 16(Weds, May 4)El Paso, TX to Fort Hancock, TX–56 miles

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our legs survived another day, despite the near constant headwinds.
Yesterday concluded with Chiqita’s, a gay bar and the only bar near the hotel, so Joe could have a glass of wine. The only wine choice was Lambruscos.  I shook my head, bad choice. After a taste, Joe decided on a Jack Daniels. I had the soda pop special. I accompanied Joe so he wouldn’t find a new friend; there were only men(of course!) and one other lone woman, who could have been both a regular and a street person.
Now for our day.  We were barely into our day’s ride when Joe wondered what all the barbed wire was about. We were at the Cordova Crossing into Juarez, Mexico.
Twenty miles and after what seemed an interminable number of stoplights, we finally reached the end of El Paso.  We were rejoined by the serenity and the shade of the pecan groves; the next 20 miles passed quickly despite the headwinds as our route meanders through the Rio Grande Valley, which we share with the railroad and I-10; it must be a good choice.  Fortunately the skies were high overcast, keeping things cool; the trade off is the constant headwinds.
We stop in Fabens, Texas for a break and brunch. I ask for pecan pie and they are sold out. Joe does not like the town and later states there is not much out here on the road…he may be surprised at the isolation in store for us. I read ahead and our map even tells us we will be traveling through very desolate areas with no services and should carry both food and water and be prepared to camp along the side of the road….
We finally encountered a friendly border patrol agent– he honked and waved at both of us as he drove by.
We are in Fort Hancock, a one motel, one convenience store town of 1,700. The omnipresent border fence is visible again; yes, I can look out from my bicycle and see Mexico!
We are off to dinner to sample the local cuisine at Angie’s Restaurant, located in the nearby gas station.
By the way, we are now on the Texas Mountain Trail; we can’t wait for tomorrow….


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