Day 26(Saturday, May 14):Fort Clark Springs to Uvalde, TX –42 miles

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Good Bye Sweet Retreat….
We are already  on the road enjoying the peaceful pink and purple predawn hues.  Our dinner last night proved more interesting than we expected.  The Brackettville Unencumbered Women’s Club(i.e. Widows), all 16 of them, were also dining at the same establishment.
Heaven for Joe; his is the only man in a roomful of women. Several of the ladies recognize us from our explorations of the area earlier in the day. The women invite us to share birthday cake at the swimming pool park after dinner. They tell us “The Alamo” starring John Wayne was filmed in the area; the History of Film Tour continues.   What a great ending to a perfect day!
In store for today’s  route: rough roads and rolling rises.  In reference to the rough roads; we are very happy we stopped at the bike shop in  Del Rio. New tires for each of us: an Armadillo for Joe, a Marathon Schwalbe for me and my rapidly thinning rear tire. After all, in total the tire had 2,400 miles on it. We survived all the spiky shoulder stones for yet one more day. Yes!
Joe wonders about my new route; how do I know it’s less hilly?  I explain  that the line on the map is thicker and less squiggly.  This answer doesn’t satisfy him; I am taking him into unknown bicycle touring country. I show him an itty bitty topographic map on the iPhone. Any route has to be better than the fearsome Hill Country.  He agrees to go with the new route. I talk to the locals to reassure myself it really is a good choice.
The roadsides of Texas are exceptionally clean; this is in direct contrast to New Mexico where it looked as if a state sanctioned sport was throwing beer bottles out of car windows.
We are to the town of Uvalde and  the choice is a good one.  We have 85 more miles to San Antonio.  Then a couple of big towns to circumvent or plow right through: Houston and Beaumont.
The ACA route will be 30 miles north of us; eventually we will merge into it again.
Uvalde is a friendly town; we arrived early, a bit after 10am. We  stop to eat breakfast at a great family run Mexican cafe and do a bit of grocery shopping before checking into our lodging.  I called the motel at 6am for reservations; Saturdays are not the best day to arrive in town unprepared. The clerk simply took my name and said a room would be ready.  Thanks to all the innkeepers on this trip for allowing us access to our room before check in time!  Thus today time is on our side. Time for more exploring. The weather is even cooperating with slightly cooler temperatures.
Louisiana, here we come…eventually.
I was expecting something out of the song “Blue Bayou”, however reality may prove different. A fellow bicyclist said it was dry and ugly with lots of loose dogs. His record was 7 of them chasing him at once, and they were hungry!  As I am the slowpoke of the team, the dogs chase Joe; when I pass by they don’t even move, they just wag their tails happily at me. It happened yet again today. Thanks Joe for being such a strong rider(when I am in front, the dogs seem to be all sleeping….)

An aside: It’s always nice to receive a compliment!  I was in the grocery store in Marathon and the owner, a lovely woman, looked at me and complimented me on my homemade pearl earrings saying, “How elegant you look, what beautiful earrings!”. Joe’s comment,”She never changes them.”
I was thrilled to hear positives after 50 miles of biking.  We must not look that bad after all.
Remember– fashion over function at all times.


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