Day 46(Friday, June 3):Ebro to Bristol, FL–58 miles

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

The weather outside is frightful; inside it’s just delightful…
We did pay a visit to the Ebro Racetrack last night, but alas no dogs; Thursday is the dogs’ day of rest. Our dinner was a surprisingly good meal, both in taste and eye appeal. There was a $3,000 buy in poker match going on, but it wasn’t in the cards for us tonight.
We awake to a relatively cool, foggy morning. It is almost chilly to our body systems which are now accustomed to the sweltering heat. The CoastalCoast2Coast is over; we are now Landlubbers amid conifer forests. All is well until Mile 30 when we lose our safety shoulder; we have no choice but to ride the white line with the semis. It is 8am; their numbers seem to suddenly increase.
One passes so close to first me and then to Joe, that I see Joe’s bike angle back and forth like a sail in the wind. The semis wheels are within two feet of the white line; there is no oncoming traffic; there is no reason for the truck to behave like this to us. Joe later states, “He tried to hit me!”. More semis pass me; this time 4 in a row; I grit my teeth and concentrate on the white line, on moving forward. My neck and shoulders ache from the stress of this stretch of Highway 20; how much more? We do not stop; there is no opportunity. After 15 miles we reach Clarksville; a woman comes up to us. Her name is Maryann; she passed us on the last curve and “near had a heart attack, along with the man in the car behind me”. She further states with the taxes they pay, Florida could at least give the bicyclists a shoulder. But wait, she’s not done; Maryann adamantly states she’s had enough of this road and will be writing a letter to Tallahassee to tell those legislators so. For this Maryann joins the Tour Photo Gallery as our Person of the Day!
After a quick drink of soda, we set out again; thankfully our shoulder is back! We have breakfast or lunch, depending on which time zone we choose; we are on the border between the Central and Eastern Time Zones. Joe has a Southern Plate: fried chicken, three sides, a hush puppy and dessert. We are in the South after all and we have just ridden almost 60 miles in record high heat–it is now 95 outside. Joe deserves this meal!
Three more miles to go,two of them over a huge bridge span across the Apalachicola River, and we are at our new home: the refreshingly named Snowbird Motel. We have to feel cooler here!
I write this as we watch the French Open Semifinal–Federer vs. Djokovic. It’s a great match and a welcome respite from the heat and the road. The current outside temp is 100 degrees(feels like 103 per the Weather Channel). An expedition across the street for water and tomorrow’s breakfast may be too difficult….


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