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  • Jon Floto says:

    I was doing a web search because I am thinking of flying my plane to AK next year. Came across your trip. What an effort. If you have the energy, my daughter is a scuba instructor in Marathon. Jon Floto, DC

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  • Southern Tier

    Click the DONATE button to support our Coast 2 Coast Biking fundraiser. 100% of your donation supports The American Institute for Cancer Research.
  • Our story

    We are two intrepid travelers: Joe Harrison, age 73, of Apple River, Illinois and Susan Fenn, age 55, of Anchorage, Alaska. We plan on riding from San Diego, CA on the Pacific Ocean to St. Augustine, FL on the Atlantic Ocean, a distance of 3,160 miles, through extremes of both terrain and temperature. The purpose of the ride is to raise money for cancer research. Joe’s late wife and Susan’s mother both died from breast cancer. Please follow the daily updates on this newest adventure. Your generous support would be appreciated.

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